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hydragloss is a noninvasive treatment that serves to leave the lips softer, young, firm, moisturized, and plump, leaving them with a little extra volume.

hydragloss has three steps:

In the first step: it’s used a product that makes a deep exfoliating of the lips, removing the dead cells and preparing the lips the second step. 

In the second step: the acid hyaluronic is injected with microneedles, which doesn’t hurt. You just feel it. It’s too soft, to moisturize and plump the lips, from inside to outside.

In the third and final step, it’s used a mask infused with collagen and hyaluronic acid to give a little extra plumpness, hydration, and firmness to the lips.

In the end, it’s applied a gloss with moisturizing properties, giving an extra plumpness and a nice color to the lips.

The results can be seen for a period of 15 days, depending on the skin of the person. After 15 days, you can do it again. The results are better if you keep doing the procedure.

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