Are you looking to enhance your appearance with long and thicker beautiful lashes? This doesn’t have to be wishful thinking anymore, with advances in today’s technology this is now possible. Choose from a variety of EyEnvy products that will help give you longer and thicker lashes. 


EyEnvy Lash Conditioner

With the combination of vitamins and strengthening peptides, the revolutionary formula helps improve the growth of your eyelashes and eyebrows by promoting healthy, stronger lashes. It is also a complementary product for eyelash extension wearers.

EyEnvy is designed to help hydrate and nourish the eyelashes and brows, so they may reach their fullest potential in length, thickness and strength.

After 4-6 weeks you may potentially see the presence of new hair growth and after 3 months, with daily use you can see the full potential of length, thickness and volume.


EyEnvy Define Mascara

EyEnvy Define Mascara is designed to help create the perfect fanned out look with just one coat.

The brush’s unique short fibers, and lightly sharpened tip can help reach the base and even the tiniest of lashes to lift and curl.

The curved brush makes an ergonomic application following the shape of the eye.

Help magnify your eyes due to the unique liquid formula that helps provide a defined, long-lash and volumizing effect.

Ophthalmologically tested.


EyEnvy Intense Mascara

Repair, condition and build volume all in one. EyEnvy INTENSE Mascara may be the perfect complement to help achieve longer, fuller and VOLUMIZING lashes with our unique formulation, which helps to nourish and protect your eyelashes.

The crisscross brush design separates each eyelash working on volume and thickness.

EyEnvy INTENSE mascara creates a dramatic look for your eyelashes.


EyEnvy Fibre Mascara

Get the appearance of longer and fuller lashes with EyEnvy® Volume Fiber Mascara. The added fibers and enriched allantoin formula will help thicken and lengthen the lashes in just one stroke.

Its tapered brush helps coat and separate each individual lash while providing intense volumized lashes.

The key to a full dramatic look lies within the formula, which specifically works to help create gorgeous, flirty and defined lashes.

Ophthalmologically tested. Water Resistant


BrowEnvy Definition

Super fine tip but strong definition

Water Resistant | Fine Tip | Smudge Proof
Non Retractable | Creamy Texture | Strong Definition

Size 0.01gr / 0.004 fl oz.
5 Shades



The Finest Tip for the Fullest Brows

Define sparse brows | Fine tip 1.2mm | Auto-sharpens |
Smudge-prrof | Long lasting | Integrated spoolie

Size 0.085gr
6 Shades

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